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Best BBQs and Steaks

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People staying in Denmark and hunting for the best quality hygienic Indian Flavor Food and wondering for “Indian street food near me or Best Indian restaurant.” My dearest customers, you are at the right place .Indian Bites is among the prestigious restaurants to fix the flavor demand.

Grilled Chicken


Chocolate Lava


Grilled Pork




The healthy chapati is made in our kitchen containing carbohydrates and all the essential nutrients, making your skin glow. High-quality whole wheat flour is used to make the flatbread. Get the power pack of energy at a minimal cost

Samosa Chat


If you got bored eating the simple food, then taste the fresh Samosa Chat made in our hygienic kitchen available in both veg and non veg variety. The Samosa chat is among the most lovable Indian Snack.



The mouth-watering Pani Puri is exclusively available for our customers. The six different types of water flavor are available to make your day. The most lighted and demanding snack. Easily digestible and cherish you with happy mood. If you want to taste spicy, then order for Pani Puri.

Pav Bhaji


Taste the flavor of Maharashtrian food if you would like to give a treat to yourself. Pav Bhaji is among the best options and healthy and tasty food. Once eaten, you can’t stop yourself from ordering again.

Decay kulfi


The chilled, delicious decay kulfi is among the most popular India ice cream dessert made of sugar, curd, and cardamoms. The most special summer dessert from Indian cuisine and famous even in other countries too.



Amalgam of sweet and sour and coated with fresh curd and easily digested food. If your tongue is hunting for a mixture of sweet and sour, hurry up and order for Dhai Bhalle.



Plain / Sparkling


Choice of Mocktail

Bluberry / Mojito / Margarita / Bloody Merry


Non-alcoholic Beer



Ice Creams (Scoop)

Vanilla / Stawberry  / Chocolate


Cakes / Pastries

Black forest / Pinapple / Chcolate


Gelato Italiano